Dining on the International Space Station

Commander Scott Kelly preparing dinner on the International Space StationOne of the most frequently asked questions of astronauts is about how and what they eat while in space. Expedition 26 Commander Scott Kelly recently made an informative video aboard the space station showing the food and beverage area, how food is prepared, menu options, and how they eat.
Think about dehydrated beef stew, asparagus (it floated away during filming) and lemonade! Yum!

One thought on “Dining on the International Space Station”

  1. This video is very applicable to our current 7th grade topic of study: “Technological improvement in food production and preservation.” My students will view this during our next class and complete journal entries on their impressions. Perhaps they will appreciate their own home kitchens and those who prepare their foods.We thank you all for the opportunity to make connections to our curriculum.

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