Alien Safari

Alien SafariCan you believe organisms live in environments with the highest radiation on our planet? The organism called D. radiodurans has been found in many extreme environments, including contaminated soil at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Nuclear Site. D. radiopdurans is the most radiation-resistant organism known. It can withstand 1.5 million rads — a thousand times more radiation than any other life form on Earth.

When you’re teaching the NES module, Fingerprints of Life-Extremophiles: It’s Just Right, have your students learn about them at Alien Safari, an interactive feature about some of the most extreme organisms on our planet.

One thought on “Alien Safari”

  1. So, if this means that such organisms are a bit alien-thingy, because they take much more than the average organism, when will our journey be able to start and find alien life?
    I know that we can’t travel as far as we see in comics, because a travel like to outside the solar system, just takes too many years..
    But what about using stronger devices/telescopes/radio-waves to contact any other life?(I bet this is already thinked of 1000 times though.)

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