What Do Paper Airplanes, Skydivers and Baseball Have in Common?

NASA Explorer Schools educator Jackie Blumer at Greensville Elementary School has shared NES and NASA opportunities with parents and caregivers at many family night events. One of her favorite topics is flight. In her NEON entry, Blumer reports, “We had many different stations for the students to build paper airplanes, hot air balloons, gliders, and rubber-band airplanes. We also had skydivers land in our baseball field and talk about the parachute and why it flies the way it does. A helicopter was in our field as well and took off after the skydivers landed. Students were able to talk to the pilot and ask him anything about his helicopter.”

What a great way to bring anticipation and excitement to a family night event. Engaging your community through partnerships with your school to support NASA and science, technology, engineering and mathematics content opportunities is also a great way to earn recognition.

How can you start building local partnerships in aviation? Contact a trained Federal Aviation Administration volunteer. The FAA has trained Aviation Education Counselors who have an interest in sharing their expertise and knowledge of aviation with students, teachers and the public. Requests for presenters and speakers may be obtained by written request through the Aviation Education Programs office in your region. Visit their website for more information. 

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