NASA Loans Lunar and Meteorite Samples to Educators

Lunar Sample DiskSmall samples of representative lunar rocks and soils, embedded in rugged acrylic disks suitable for classroom use, are available for short-term loan to qualified school teachers. Each teacher must become a certified user of the disks through a brief training program prior to receiving a disk. Educational sample disks are distributed on a regional basis from NASA field centers located across the United States. For further details, use the contact information below.

Mary K. Luckey
Education Sample Curator
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Mail Code KT
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, TX 77058-3696
Telephone: 281-483-3154
Fax: 281-483-5347

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  1. NASA sample loans to educators is a good attempt to encourage their knowledge and interest on such matter.I hope it will really give some good innovations in future..

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