Quadratic Functions: Exploring Space Through Math — Weightless Wonder Web Seminar

C-9 jet entering parabolic maneuverAs part of a series of electronic professional development experiences for educators, NASA Explorer Schools and the LE&RN project are hosting a 60-minute Web seminar on Sept. 27, 2011, at 8 p.m. EDT. Investigate the characteristics of quadratic functions to solve real-world problems involving the parabolic flight path of NASA’s Weightless Wonder C-9 jet. Get an overview of a student investigation, solve related quadratic equations and evaluate and graph quadratic functions. A graphing calculator will be used to demonstrate concepts; however, you do not need a calculator for this professional development seminar.

For more information and to register online, visit the registration website.

Email questions about this seminar to NASA-Explorer-Schools@mail.nasa.gov.