Mars Rover Curiosity Takes Off

United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying NASA's Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft, including the new rover, Curiosity, lifting off on time on the first opportunity at 10:02 a.m. EST on Nov. 26.NASA began a historic voyage to Mars with the Nov. 26 launch of the Mars Science Laboratory, which carries a car-sized rover named Curiosity. Liftoff from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard an Atlas V rocket occurred at 10:02 a.m. EST (7:02 a.m. PST).

The mission will pioneer precision landing technology and a sky-crane touchdown to place Curiosity near the foot of a mountain inside Gale Crater on Aug. 6, 2012. During a nearly two-year prime mission after landing, the rover will investigate whether the region has ever offered conditions favorable for microbial life, including the chemical ingredients for life.

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