GOES Satellite Video of 2011 Hurricane Season Released

The GOES series of satellites provide continuous (every 30 minutes) satellite information for the U.S. and are critical during hurricane season. GOES-11 and GOES-13 provide infrared and visible satellite data over the western and eastern U.S. and eastern Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The 2011 hurricane season is now available in one 4.5 minute video from NOAA. GOES satellites are operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA just released a video from the GOES-13 satellite that takes the viewer through all 19 tropical cyclones that formed in the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Supplemental animations and images were also created by NASA’s GOES Project. Those animations show activity in each month of the 2011 hurricane season. September (below) puts on the best show, with several storms circling clockwise around the Bermuda High.

September 2011 Hurricane Season (East Coast)

Double click on image above to start the video.

2 thoughts on “GOES Satellite Video of 2011 Hurricane Season Released”

  1. I’am a Captn. Meteorologist of the Mexican Air For, and I would like, If it´s possible, to obtaina copy of the GOES Satellite video of 2011 Hurricane Season, only for instrucctional uses.
    Thanks alot in advance.

    Capt. Litz Neguib de Gpe. Medina Cordova

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