Want to Go to Mars? Here's Your Chance.

Artist concept of the mars science laboratory rover on MarsSomeday YOU may one of the people to walk around on Mars. That’s some day in the future — way in the future. But here’s your chance to have a presence on Mars soon! Send your name to Mars! Your name will be included with others on a microchip attached to the rover, Curiosity. Launch is scheduled for between Nov. 25 and Dec. 18, 2011, with a Martian arrival date of August 2012.

How cool is that?

To send your name to Mars, sign-up at the registration website.

Link to the NES Virtual Campus website.

62 thoughts on “Want to Go to Mars? Here's Your Chance.”

  1. Whoa ….. I can't believe it a chance to really have a presence on Mars, how cool is that 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity

  2. very nice to see it.
    but how will i know that my name is in microchip ?

  3. Microchip! no one can see it much less read it with scratches from mars dust. My frends say it cost $5 so NO WAY!!! When I went to http://marsparticipate.jpl.nasa.gov:80/msl/participate/sendyourname/
    it said “Thanks to all for submitting your names. You are on your way to Mars!
    Your names are being prepared for etching on a microchip that the Curiosity rover will carry on its back (its deck).” and no “click here to have your name on mars for $5!!!” I would relay like this post on this blog.

  4. Arghh! When was the cutoff. I’m been looking for this, and now that I found it it seems too late. Usually these things are well promoted.

  5. I wanna be an astronaut to make my India and my family proud.It will be a great opportunity and it will feel proud to be a part of NASA.It is my childhood dream that I should become an astronaut that can be fulfilled through NASA.

  6. send–name–to–mars<---i--support---send--name--to---mars>

  7. have–a–great–trip—-—good-luck–and–success–>project–nasa

  8. Oh i would really love to go on a mission to Mars, maybe that way i would be able to furfil my desire to do something to help the human race.

  9. i would love to go on a mission to mars to forfill my desire of investigating life on mars

  10. Yeah, definitely I want to go to Mars; also I have a suggestion related to overcoming the gravity of the space shuttle launch. I don’t know if your specialists have thought if the launch would take place on the Moon. Gravity wouldn’t be as big as the Earth which would lead to lower fuel consumption at launch.

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