Voting Open for This Year's NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Student Video Contest

Optimus PrimeTeachers, are you interested in incorporating video technologies into student learning activities? Here’s a great way to show your students examples of student-created videos that support learning.

OPTIMUS PRIME is more than just a well-recognized name from TV and movies: it is a great analogy for NASA technology transfer and, therefore, an excellent teaching tool. OPTIMUS PRIME began in space and transformed itself in order to come to Earth. OPTIMUS PRIME goes undetected and helps people while protecting them. Similarly, NASA technologies, though designed for space applications, are often modified and transformed to go into everyday products used on Earth; they often help people but still go undetected.

The OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award promotes NASA spinoffs, recognizes innovation through technology transfer, and promotes innovative communication of spinoff stories to the public through video. The OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Award both acknowledges the contribution of both NASA innovators and the companies that spun off NASA technology for commercial applications and educates America’s youth about the benefits of NASA spinoff technology.

To watch and vote for your favorite student video in this year’s competition, go to

The deadline for casting your vote is Feb. 6, 2011.

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