No Boundaries — Project-based Competition for Students

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No Boundaries, a USA TODAY education initiative in collaboration with NASA, encourages students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students explore STEM careers through stimulating project-based learning and team competition. No Boundaries targets students in grades 7-12 and is designed as a team-centered cooperative learning project. No Boundaries is cross-curricular and requires minimal teacher preparation. It aligns to national standards and includes assessment rubrics. Students who submit their final No Boundaries career presentation projects to the 2011 National No Boundaries Competition are eligible to win up to $2,000 in cash awards for themselves and $500 for their teacher or sponsor. They will receive VIP passes to visit a NASA facility. Winners may be asked to present their work to NASA.

For more information, visit the competition website.

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  1. I am retired, living in the Philippines with my wife. I have two nephews who are very interested in mathematics(top of their private school class). One is very curious about everything! They are very interested in Space since I worked 14 years between PAFB, Cape Canaveral, and KSC. One is twelve and one is ten. What is the best way to encourage them? Everything seems to be oriented toward the American students, naturally :-).

    Arthur Ubry
    West Inayagan 6037
    Naga, Cebu

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    Here are a few additional programs that you might find beneficial:
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