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images of moon's surfaceIn fall 2011, NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, or GRAIL, mission is scheduled to launch twin spacecraft in tandem low-altitude orbits around the moon. The spacecraft will measure the moon’s gravity in unprecedented detail. The mission will answer key questions about the moon’s internal structure and give scientists a better understanding of how our solar system formed. 

The satellites will carry special cameras, dubbed MoonKam, which stands for Moon Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students. During the science phase of the mission, students will send in requests for the cameras to take photos of specific areas on the lunar surface. The images will be posted on the Internet, and students can refer to them as they study highlands, maria and other features of the moon’s topography.

Register at the GRAIL MoonKam website to receive information and resources about this unique opportunity and stay up-to-date with GRAIL MoonKAM news and events.

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  1. Since i cannot be at the moon and experience the studies there i was wanting to ask a few questions,and hope that i will get responses from scientist there and not the typical 6 year old that makes it all well in two words.
    Is there really some kind of structures at the moon that we don’t know about or any sign of them left behind by who ever used it.
    Is the labs that are planned to be build there all going to be U.S. or any other country involved.
    I read about a company starting a tour to a space module that is being advertised for a feed and with 3 or 4 month of training,is this going to be supply by us with fuel and food or interdependently by the country of origin.
    I want to get a picture close up of some of the rock formations there and i will love to be able to exam it.

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