NASA Education and the Space Shuttle

Shuttle program commemorative patch

What is one of the marvels of all time and inspiration to students around the globe? What has created unforgettable memories for anyone who has seen it in person? It is the mighty space shuttle. It began as a dream but became the platform on which educators have inspired students around the world to learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 
The first space shuttle flew in 1981.
Including the STS-135 mission, the total number of space shuttle launches is 135.
        • Five space shuttles have flown: Columbia, Discovery, Challenger, Endeavour and Atlantis.
        • The space shuttle system is made up of the orbiter, two solid rocket boosters and the external tank.
        • The orbiter travels in space at 17,500 miles per hour.

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    1. I remember when we were all so exited when ENTERPRISE rolled out of it’s hanger.THE FUTURE WAS COMMING!!Well,it’s the future now and we all have really nice phone’s…..

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