Dragon in Flight; Post-launch News Conference Canceled

With the Dragon spacecraft in good health and its flight going well, NASA has opted to cancel the post-launch news conference.

Thank you for being with us this morning for the countdown and launch of the SpaceX CRS-5 mission to the International Space Station. For updates throughout the mission, visit https://blogs.nasa.gov/spacestation.

6 thoughts on “Dragon in Flight; Post-launch News Conference Canceled”

  1. Why no news conference? No catastrophes? I can’t be the only one who was watching NASA TV for a summary of this successful launch. What about the first stage recovery that appears to have achieved most of its goals? I know it’s not prime time, but I got up early to watch this event, and I would welcome more information.

  2. I wonder what happen to 1st stage as it supposed to land on drone – Was it crashed landed or landed on target but felled down on platform???? Do we have some video showing it landed or off target location????

  3. I’m glad that mission is going well and congrats for that, but you guys are doing a disservice by hiding info on what happened to the 1st stage.

  4. “yes Mr. Musk, we know there were cameras on the drone ship, we know you have recovered the footage, now show us your knickers, Mr. Musk” – – the world’s ‘media’

    keep the footage under wraps . . . unless you think you will get a fair review of an experimental procedure . . . as stated “rockets are hard”

    [alternatively . . . do some trolling and start a rumor of ‘alien interference’]

  5. The 1st stage did return to earth but it landed hard and was damaged. Haven’t found any video of the landing. Hope SpaceX provides photos of the 1st stage after landing to see extent of damage.

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