A Look at Dragon’s Flight

spacex-pad-6 spacex-pad-7 spacex-pad-8

This series shows the Falcon 9 first stage climbing into orbit, upper left, before separating and letting the single engine second stage take over the work, upper right. Finally, we see the aft compartment of the Dragon as separates from the second stage and into orbit on its own, lower left.

3 thoughts on “A Look at Dragon’s Flight”

  1. Is there a map showing the ground track after launch? There is a possibility that Dragon could be seen 15-20 minutes after liftoff if it crosses the south coast of Ireland, like space shuttles used to!

    Ideally the ground track would include altitude above the surface to allow local predictions of where to look to be made.

    I once got a spreadsheet of the latitude, longitude and altitude of the space shuttle for every second after launch for the first hour or so. This would be very useful if it exists for Dragon!?

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