SpaceX-4 Targeted for Sept. 19 Launch

SpaceX-3 in space.

SpaceX is targeting Sept. 19 for the launch of its next cargo mission to the International Space Station. Launch time is 2:38:44 a.m. Eastern from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida The Dragon capsule will fly on a Falcon 9 rocket, both built by the Hawthorne, Calif.-based company. It will carry experiments, supplies and other cargo to the orbiting laboratory where the astronauts living on the station will unload it and put it to use. The Dragon will be loaded with used experiments and other materials no longer needed on the station before it makes its way back to Earth and lands by parachute in the Pacific Ocean.

One thought on “SpaceX-4 Targeted for Sept. 19 Launch”

  1. SpaceX has been doing a great job innovating new capabilities via the NASA Space Act Agreements and Cargo Contracts. It has taken them some extra work to increase their launch cadence, but now seem to be making strides. I am really hoping they can turn their pad around in record time and hit the instantaneous launch time. I am very excited to see many of the experiments included as payload get to the station and be put into use. Particularly the 3D Printer and the Akrid Satellite Prototype, among others. Go NASA, Go CSR-4

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