Dragon Facts

This is the fifth SpaceX Dragon capsule to head to the International Space Station. One test flight and three operational cargo missions have made the spacecraft a regular visitor to the orbiting laboratory. Standing more than 14 feet tall and with a diameter of 12 feet, Dragon can carry more than 13,000 pounds of material into orbit inside its pressurized cabin and the unpressurized trunk. The trunk, which holds the solar arrays, is discarded at then end of the mission to burn up in the atmosphere just before the capsule reenters and parachutes to the ocean where it is recovered.

And yes, this Dragon even has wings – sort of. After the spacecraft separates from the second stage, it will open a pair of solar array “wings” to charge its batteries. Of course, even though they give the Dragon the appearance of a bird, the arrays provide nothing other than a power source since there is virtually no air at that altitude.

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