Next Launch Opportunity: Tuesday, 4:10 p.m.

Because of weather conditions that violated the rules for launching, SpaceX has postponed its planned launch of its Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon spacecraft. It is SpaceX’s sixth commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station.

The next launch opportunity is Tuesday, April 14, at 4:10:40 p.m. EDT. Our continuous launch coverage will begin at 3 p.m. here on the launch blog and on NASA Television at

As for tomorrow’s forecast, it’s slightly worse tomorrow with forecasters predicting a 50 percent chance of acceptable conditions.

2 thoughts on “Next Launch Opportunity: Tuesday, 4:10 p.m.”

  1. Good morning Dear friends from the other side of the Atlantic. I hope that today is the Day of one more fantastic launch. If I could I would replace the precious cargo on board the Dragon by this astronaut (Me). Many airplanes can takeoff during bad weather but the space technology does not allow it to happen to spacecrafts yet . Yet! But one day I believe that nothing will stop the future mighty rockets from blasting away into the skies. Please do lubricate the internet well today so that we all around the world can watch that beautiful Falcon compressing the air beneath its “wings”. People from the SLS project: Hurry up, we need to see those rockets in action, please! Good Luck to all personnel involved on today’s launch.

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