Read Our Account of Today’s Launch

NASA/Kim Shiflett

We just posted our launch feature detailing today’s flawless liftoff of the CRS-6 mission and what it means for the overall research missions of the International Space Station and its crew members.

You can read the feature here and stay current throughout the CRS-6 mission here.

Coming up, the Dragon will approach the station at 7 a.m. EDT Friday where it can be captured by the station’s robotic arm for berthing to the International Space Station.

NASA/Kim Shiflett


4 thoughts on “Read Our Account of Today’s Launch”

  1. Congratulations, SpaceX!
    Been following the launch since our visit to KSC.
    Fantastic launch today!
    I’m a fan!

  2. Lived on the Space Coast for 22 years. Moved to Oregon in 1999. Happy to see the space program still alive.
    I also have wonderful photos that I took myself during the Space Shuttle era. What an honor to witness the beginning of the Space Shuttle era I’ll never forget!

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