PolarTREC Teacher to Share IceBridge Experience

On Tuesday Aug. 13, at 1 p.m. EDT, high school science teacher Mark Buesing will host a live online event to share his experiences with Operation IceBridge during this year’s Arctic campaign. This event, known as Polar Connect, is hosted by PolarTREC, an organization that pairs science teachers with scientific expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic as a way of bringing up-to-date research into the classroom and inspiring students to become the next generation of scientists.

During this hour-long event, Buesing and people from the IceBridge team will talk about their time flying over Greenland’s ice sheet, glaciers and sea ice and answering questions from the online audience.

To learn more about this free event and to register, visit the PolarTREC website at http://www.polartrec.com/polar-connect/register.


Science teachers Mark Buesing and Jette Poulsen aboard the NASA P-3B during an IceBridge survey flight. Credit: NASA / Christy Hansen


Mark Buesing taking photographs of Greenland from the NASA P-3B during an IceBridge survey flight. Credit: NASA / Michael Studinger

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