First Certification Phase for Crewed Commercial Spacecraft Completed

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program and its aerospace industry partners completed the first phase of certification agreements today. Under the contracts, The Boeing Company, Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Systems (SNC) and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) completed reviews detailing how each plans to meet NASA’s certification requirements to transport space station crew members to and from the orbiting laboratory. NASA awarded the contracts totaling $30 million in December 2012. Read details at


2 thoughts on “First Certification Phase for Crewed Commercial Spacecraft Completed”

  1. This actually makes me always wonder if not even the first space rockets, esp. the mission to the moon could not have profited from involvement of more commercial enterprises. After all, the government also buys their fighter jets, rockets, tanks and vehicles “on the market”. Maybe also then there would not have been such a long hiatus like after the last moon mission but there might already be a permanent station “up there”, like we as a matter of course have e.g. on the North or South Poles.

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