Spreading Our Wings – Into Space!

Airliner_to_Spaceliner_Mini_PosterThe United States has always been the leader in aerospace innovation and inventions. So with Commercial Crew Program efforts under way, NASA and industry are expanding their talents to formulate new ways to develop spacecraft and launch vehicles capable of safely and efficiently carrying people into orbit and to the International Space Station. We’re on the cusp of launching astronauts from Florida to conduct more research on the station with a larger crew that has more time for science, which will continue to help us here on Earth and as we prepare for the journey to Mars. That’s why today’s National Aviation Day is particularly relevant for the nation because it signals NASA’s intent to let more people spread their wings into space in the near future!

3 thoughts on “Spreading Our Wings – Into Space!”

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  2. “The United States has always been the leader in aerospace innovation and inventions”, is somewhat boastful. The invention of the modern jet engine (Frank Whittle) and the launch of Sputnik 1 by the USSR are examples where this is not true. Whilst the United States has been at the forefront for much of the advancement of aerospace technology it has not invented or led everything.

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