Art of the Spacesuit

Graphic by Matthew Young

The modern spacesuit can do a lot of things a full spacecraft can do, though for not nearly as long. Providing oxygen to breath, plus cool and warm air for comfort, a space suit serves in many ways as a personal spacecraft. It also acts as a storage bin of sorts, with pockets all over the garment to hold tools, notes and the occasional family photo. Some of NASA’s aerospace industry partners are designing suits to handle their needs. NASA teams are working on the robust designs that will keep astronauts safe and healthy during walks along the Martian surface.

With a new era of advanced spacecraft on the horizon, what would you like to see in a spacesuit you put on? What memento would you absolutely have to take with you stuffed in a pocket?


5 thoughts on “Art of the Spacesuit”

  1. Take a small Bible in my pocket, so when I touched the face of Mars I could open its pages and read about God creating the Heavens , and give thanks once again for all the wonders he has given us to explore.

  2. A way to dump urine would be nice.Remember the problem Al Shepheard had with his suit. also a way to refill the drinking water in it. What would I take a Pic of the family would be nice to have.

  3. If I were to go to Mars and needed a suit, it should have a special pocket to care with me a plastic bottle. It will be there thousands of years, as we know. And if anything happens to us, someone some day might find it.

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